My Photography

As a digital artist, photography supplements and informs my creative decisions, but as a photographer, digital art informs my photography. 

I approach every shot like a painting, and push each shot towards the image I am seeing clear in my imagination, each a step closer towards the color, lighting and composition that i see in my minds eye. I see photography as a form of impressionist and expressionist sculpture, and i believe a genuine shot says a lot more about the photographer than it does the subject. When i’m sure i’ve captured as much as i can by physical means, I take it the rest of the way in post.


When does it stop being photography? I draw the line at advanced image manipulation. For any jobs more intensive than that, please request a quote on the digital art section instead.

More About Me


Make sure to specifically request items in purple when you ask for a quote if you want prices to reflect a more accurate estimate of the final labor.

Drones / Videography

I’ve recently added drone photography to my repertoire. Now, the licenses for this vary depending on the country and are usually more restrictive, but i can generally get some good aerial shots and videos on private property. I’m also trying to add videography to my skillset, but most of my training in video production was shooting specifically with VFX in mind. So if you’re a real estate developer and you need some real estate photography / videography done, give me a shout. If i like the style of your properties, we may be able to work out a trade.

Lighting / Studios

I can work with a variety of budgets and scenarios, from no-frills natural lighting on location, as well as providing reasonable rates for high quality equipment rentals and studio space in cities across the world. I’m most comfortable with hot lights and kino-flo type setups, but i can probably hit the ground running with some speedlights if you give me a second to work it out.

High End Retouching

Hiring an adequate retoucher can be like a game of russian roulette. You’re gambling with the life of your project or livelihood every time you bring on someone new and the market is oversaturated with amateurs. Thankfully when you bring me on as a photographer, you’re getting the experience of a bachelors degree in visual effects, and a far more significantly advanced arsenal than your typical retoucher. Basic RAW processing is included free of charge with all shoots, and additional skin fixes, digital makeup, as well as advanced image manipulation is available at discounted rates when purchased as a package deal. One less thing to have to worry about.