Logo Design

The backbone of your BRand, Perfected

Logo design is the first thing a client should consider when crafting their image. The aesthetic is vital to the personality of their brand, and that is why it is vital to get write the first time. As with anything, if you build an empire on shaky foundations it will only crumble, that is why logo design should not be a mere afterthought. Whether your aim is to express simplicity, complexity, aggressiveness or tranquility, my style can adapt to your needs and color palate, so you can tell customers what you’re about intuitively, in an instant.

Never In a Vaccum

Make sure the BRAND matches the logo

When choosing a brand, the logo is the cornerstone the rest of the material should revolve around. I can help design a number of materials in a consistent color and style, to provide the strongest possible brand for your business:



Promotional Material

Social Media

Templates, Business Cards, Shirts, etc.


Heres how it works

A breakdown of my creative process

It all starts with a consultation. Here, we discuss the philosophy and goals of your brand, so I can use my experience to make recommendations on color theory, style, font, and any pre-existing assets or sketches you want me to use or base my work off of. If you have a very specific idea of what you want, this is your chance to be clear about it.

My first goal is to quickly nail down the shape and form of your brand. I start by rapidly iterating a sheet of examples of what your logo could look like. These are typically at least 12 different black and white vector images that give you a direction, and you can pick and choose which are your favorites to move forward with. If you like the composition of one, but the style of another, and would like me to merge several concepts into one that is more ideal, you can tell me which specific features you like about each.

Then, comes the refinement stage. Your final concept is perfected, and the black and white logo is completed. The vector files are yours, forever. After this, color and style is added, and i do an additional sheet of examples of difference palettes and styles how this might affect the overall feel of your image. If you would like several color treatments, this is when the balance of colors is decided. Drop shadows, reflections, or other stylistic treatments are added, that create a final polished look. You will receive the vector files for this, as well as tiff / pngs with transparency, and jpegs if you wish. 

Finally, when a color and style is decided upon, many clients opt to stop there, while others spring for a full 3D treatment, giving their logo depth and realistic shadows and lighting for a modern approach.