I accept visa, mastercard, amex and others, and use square for all credit card transactions, which charges a 2.75% fee on all credit card transactions. 

If you are hiring for a full time or contractual position, please be sure to denote the job title for the position you are hiring for and the timeframe.

If you are hiring for a freelance gig, be sure to denote which type of gig it is, as well as any specifics or additional services you may require. If you’re not sure, I can break down the costs for you.

Photography • 70USD/hr, 300USD/day 2hr minimum

-basic raw processing (free)

-skin fix +5USD per photo

-makeup effects +5-10USD per photo

-advanced image manipulation 100+USD per photo

3D Modeling / matte painting:

250-500+USD per individual asset*

500-1000+USD per individual environment*

40-50$/hr for all larger freelance projects

*includes textures

Graphic Design:

-basic vector logos: 50-150+USD

+color treatment / styles +50-150

+3D treatment 100-200+

-layouts / advertisements / templates 200-500+USD

+custom photography (see photography rates at 20% discount when bundled with design)

+3D treatment 100-500+USD


All currency conversions to euro will be rounded down to the nearest increment of 5 in an effort to expand my business to more european customers. I’m also offering a 20% discount on any additional bundled services when bought as a package.

If you have any other questions, would like a quote, or to inquire further about my rates, or just want to leave a friendly hello, contact me via the links below and I will try my best to respond back to you within 24 hours.



USA: +1 (702) 518 6937

Whatsapp: +62 81 999155180