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Coming to a city near you

I’m currently traveling across europe attempting to build an unprecedented network of clients and colleagues in a variety of disciplines across multiple cities. Once i am sufficiently established in a city, I will likely be in and out of it every couple months, so give me a shout and if i don’t have anything booked during your time frame i can be in your city in a month or less. These are the cities on my list this year:









My motto in Los Angeles was, let me know what you need, if i can’t do it myself, i know someone who can. I’d like to be sure of this for europe as well, so i am always open to making friends with other talented artists.


Well Studied and Versatile

please Don’t hire an untrained idiot instead of me

To start with, I have a bachelors degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics which I pursued at the Art Institute of California – Hollywood. But truth be told, i’ve been designing since long before that, and i don’t believe that education ends after a 4 year degree. Every time i add a new skill or a new branch of artistic subknowledge, it informs the sensibilities of each and every other skill that i know. I never truly understood material and lighting until i learned photography–never truly understood how to light for photography until i learned to paint, never learned to paint properly until i learned to fundamentally deconstruct materials for texturing workflows. These might seem like separate specialties, but together they are much stronger. Thats why i’m always taking new courses or learning new things. 

There is a reason Cartier-Bresson was a draftsman, Brunelleschi was an architect and and Leonardo Da Vinci was a sculptor and engineer. None of them could truly achieve mastery without an eclectic set of interests.

Hey! I’m working on Fine art too

Don’t forget thIS cool stuff

Just to give you an idea of what i’ve been working on for personal projects, besides a massive amount of screenplays i’ve been writing and developing concept art for, I’ve been in the middle of developing a new process and style for expressionist surrealism that crosses the boundary between matte painting and photography. Its still in the R&D stages right now, but i’d love to meet other artists and models who want to collaborate with me on this. Finding my unique voice as an artist is very important to me and i’m on the verge of creating an iconic style that is indistinguishable from anyone else. It all started with an artists residency about a year ago, but i’m honing in on what i started.